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Jasmine Evelyn

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About Jasmine

I first fell in love with movement when I started to dance in my teens. This love of movement ultimately led me to study physiotherapy at the University of Brighton, England. After graduating from physiotherapy school, I found yoga as a way to keep my body strong for work and dance. However, I soon found that the practice of yoga brought much more than a strong body, but also a strong and peaceful mind. This encouraged me to do yoga teacher training at the Marianne Wells Yoga School in Costa Rica.

I teach hatha yoga and enjoy the freedom, flow and transitions that it brings. In my personal practice I enjoy exploring ashtanga yoga and this method has the tendency to influence my teaching style.


I have also done post graduate training in pelvic health physiotherapy. I am dedicated to using the practice of yoga and physiotherapy to restore pelvic health for men and women and therefore this is the clinical focus of my practice.


I especially love using yoga as an adjunct to my physiotherapy practice. I am truly grateful for the insight that yoga and physiotherapy give me into movement. I see the mindful movement that is the practice of yoga to truly be a healing art form.


Shane Austin

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About Shane

I am a scientist by training and a yogi at heart.


I first came to yoga via the ashtanga yoga method while I was studying in Montreal. It was the prototypical yoga class, taught by an extremely flexible yoga teacher who was a yogi and a dancer; he left me inspired and motivated to learn more about this ancient practice.


Over the past few years I have continued to study with many yoga teachers over varying styles. From ashtanga, hatha, jivamukti and anusara. Collectively, they have left me with a broad outlook on yoga and an open mind. On the mat I aim to bring together a strong focus on alignment, bouyancy in movement and a heightened sense of mind and self. 

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