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The word kula means community in Sanskrit, and that is exactly what we cultivate here at Mindful Movement. 

Not only a community of yogis, but movers and persons who share a similar lifestyle.

Miami Beach Yoga
Students in Tree pose
Students seated
Codrington College Yoga
Partner Yoga
Guest Teacher class
Students stretching
Students reaching up

Yoga and Tai chi

This year our community gathered to explore the Chinese martial art of Tai Chi.


Pictured at left we have the Tai Chi teacher Sammy, engaging members of our kula as we learned the new movements.

Fruit Morning

Honouring a healthy lifestyle!

A healthy lifestyle is fueld by a balanced diet. We encourage members of our community to join us each Hero's day for a fruit morning celebration.

Click the link below for some of the photos from our various fruit mornings.


Community is about reciprocity. As much as you learn from us, we learn from you, in short we learn from each other. This is why we are featuring some of our students in the spotlight, not because they are the definition of a single yoga pose, but because each one of them has so much to teach us. 

Student Spotlight

Student Spotlight


My Yoga Journey


I had grown tired of the conventional gym. I would get in a solid four months of repetitive weight pumping and cardio classes before I felt the need for a change, a change that often ended up being a 6-month hiatus from said gym 🤦🏾 But that was only way to get fit, right? That’s what I believed. Until I stumbled on some advice somewhere, (probably a meme on Instagram to be honest) that suggested finding exercise in movements you enjoyed, so that you were more likely to stay consistent. 


Well, I had been intrigued (intimidated) by yoga for a while and thought it was about time I gave it a try. I really wanted to find that thing I could stick to, and being a dancer at heart, the flow of yoga looked like it could be just that. 


I found Mindful Movement 246 on Instagram and liked the look and feel of the classes.  I took my first class in July 2017 and haven’t looked back since :) 


I am now the most flexible I have ever been! The progress I’ve made over the last year motivates me to stretch a little further, hold a pose a little longer and to try new things. If anyone told me a year ago that I’d be even attempting to do headstands, I would have warmly encouraged them in their obvious career goal in comedy. But the Mindful Movement team have a knack for convincing you that you can do anything! Their gentle encouragement to try new things and genuine celebration when I do, have meant everything to me. 


No two classes are ever the same and for that, I am grateful. I pay more attention to my breathing and posture in my everyday life now. The peace, confidence and sense of accomplishment I feel with each class stays with me long after.  Yoga is now a staple in my life, and perfectly complements my dancing and workouts at the unconventional gym I have since found.

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