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Welcome to Mindful Movement! Where do I begin? I founded Mindful Movement in 2015 after a few yoga-related injuries and wondering what was missing from my practice. After much reflection, I found it...mindfulness was the missing link. As a registered yoga teacher and chartered physiotherapist, I knew it was important to pass this message of mindfulness and mindful movement on to my students and patients.

Mindfulness is truly life-changing, so join the movement!


Jasmine Evelyn - Founder



We are excited to share our new studio space! Look out for additions to our current class schedule.

Discover Yoga




We offer outdoor as well as studio and private

classes. Click above to find out more!

Barre Fitness

Our barre fitness classes combine the movements of classical ballet barre work with yoga mat work. Private classes only.

Pelvic heath Physiotherapy Barbads

Raising awareness of women's and men's health issues and highlighting how pelvic health can be restored through pelvic health physiotherapy. 

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Mindful Movement
 Christ Church

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